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We are leading mobile app performance testing company which provides mobile app testing services icluding ios automation testing and android automation testing to its customers

All type of testing solutions like complete testing A/B testing, regression testing, penetration testing, automation testing is available at BiharApps

BiharApps is reknowned mobile app automation testing provider in Patna and we are top mobile application testing companies in India and the world. We do all type of Manual testing of mobile apps and websites including android app manual testing and iOS app manual testing

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  • Mobile app performance testing in Patna
  • Mobile app automation testing in Patna
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Quality Analysis in India

BiharApps is the quality analysis company for your softwares including ERP solutions, mobile applications, android applications and Websites. We are leading testing providers in the country and around the world. We have dedicated team of QA's who work round the clocks to make sure there are no bugs in your apps and websites.

System Testing Companies

BiharApps helps you in testing your integrated software and helps you to check the system compliance as this involves testing when the complete pen of the software is ready. This test is important and lengthy and so requires support from a professional system testing service provider like BiharApps

Beta Testing Companies

Beta testing service helps in knowing and improving customer/clients experience by achieving quality, performance, stability, security, and reliability of the mobile apps, websites and softwares. These beta testers makes sure that the mobile apps and websites are having great user experience.

Stress Testing Companies

BiharApps had a great expertise in stress testing and we push the softwares including mobile apps and websites to its limits and sometimes exceeds them to know the app/websites behavious in real life situations. It helps to establish the tolerance of any softwares and thus helping to improve it before anything goes wrong.

Installation Testing Companies

Installation testing is an important aspect of testing services as it checks multiple ways of installations of softwares on multiple devices and then studies its behavior and experience from the users perspective. Like a mobile app may vary on different platforms so we test it and provides you the reports.

Unit Testing Companies

BiharApps helps you in unit testing and makes sure that your functionality and code is behaving as per the expectations. It helps you to maintain the units intact as well as helps you in knowing the behavious of particular before intergrating them into the complete package and thus reduces the probability of error.

Software Testing Companies

BiharApps is the leading software testing companies in Patna, Bihar, India. We understands that ensuring a software product is built by regulatory, technical, business, functional and user requirements is important and thus we make sure that our solutions are efficient and error-free for your softwares.